Wiley Day is a Main Character in Between


Wiley was raised in Pretty Lake. She's the daughter of a Christian Minister, she has a sister, Melissa and she is pregnant at the start of Season One. She doesn't tell anyone who the father of her baby is, initially.


Wiley always seems to have a tough shell up. She was seen being amusing and sarcastic in the first episode, joking that she planned to be single and pregnant in high school. Wiley did not get a long very well with her mother nor her sister, Melissa Day.

She has a son Jason, who she reveals who the father is in Season 1 Episode 6. She names him Jason while staying at Ronnie's place in Season 1 Episode 4. In the begining Wiley didnt want her son even made plans for adoption before he was born and after having Jason made her sister do most of the motherly duties. It wasnt till Season 1 Epiosde 4 where she decided to step up as a mother.

In Season 2 Wiley develops a tumor and an ultra sound is used by Liam Cullen to diagnose her. Adam is suspicious of Liam and accuses him of making her ill as she collapses soon after the trial cure is administered.

Season 2 Ep 3 After a car runs out of petroleum she walks to a farm. The farm happens to be the Mannonite community who has told Gord that his community should not visit again. Wiley is protecting Jason from the cold and when they see the child they offer help.

A woman who lost a baby recently feeds Jason from her breast while Wiley recovers from the cold. Wiley had to make a hard decision as a mother soon after that.

Wiley's tumor reduces in size after the cure and virus create a stronger immune system.


Relationships Edit

Adam Jones (Romantic/Boyfriend/Close Friend)

Charles Lott Sr. (Affair)