The Virus is the main killer in Between

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Created by the Government in an attempt stop overpopulation, The Virus is a deadly virus that was intended to cull the weak. Firstly tested in Nigeria the slightly different pathogen killed hundreds.

On the 3rd of October The Virus was spread throughout Pretty Lake as a second test to see if it worked the way they planned. Unfortunately the Virus began to kill every member above the age of 21. The Government is attempting to exterminate the surviving members of Pretty Lake so that the world will forget about them.

The Virus is contagious, and usually takes effect within 24 hours of contagion. The Virus breaks down cells within the body resulting a deep maroon bile being vomited out.

At the end of Season Two it is revealed that Horatio Pharmaceuticals released the virus to the world, as they are the only ones with a cure.

The Cure Edit

The cure was being worked on by Horatio Pharmaceuticals but got shut down by the Government, as a final attempt to find a cure Liam Cullen is sent into Pretty Lake with 15 vials of a trial cure. The trial cure worked.

15 residents of Pretty Lake were injected with the cure only 13 of them left Pretty Lake, after 6 months without contact with anyone about Pretty Lake, Horatio Pharmaceuticals promised to mass produce the cure and rescue everyone still in the Quarantine Zone

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