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Harrison is the younger brother of Samantha. He forms a relationship with Frances in Season 2 Episode 3. He is portrayed by Percy Hynes White.

Harrison is diabetic, this is made clear when Chuck ties Harrison up on a pole outside for stealing and joy-riding a car. He becomes weak and disoriented and his sister Samantha helps him by giving him candy. This occurs in the first episode he and his sister are in - Episode 4: Love Hurts of Season 1.

He acts as leader to a Pre-Teen group for both Season 1 and 2 and is smart enough to come up with the idea to trade money for food with the military. Chuck uses his plan to escape along with him, Samantha and McCalister, but they get attacked by the military and Samantha dies after getting shot. Harrison is then angry at Chuck and forms an "alliance" with Franny, who steals her brother's meat and they and their gang eat it. When Gord and Ronnie go to get the meat back, Harrison rebels against them. End of Season Two, He goes with Stacey to Saskatchewan, Canada.


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