Gordon is a Character in Between


Gordon was raised on a farm, by his father and has a sister named Frannie. He used to play for "The Dukes" as a winger, but had to stop to work on the family farm.

Nicknamed "Gord".

Gord becomes a "Peace-Maker" especially in season 1 between the "Jocks" and "The Creekers". He helps put with the Orphanage and finding food for the children. He also is the one to discover Chucks sister dead in the bush. He was present when his Grandfather suddenly dies from the virus.

In the begining of the series before the outbreak Gord applies for the Military.


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When she is trying to kidnap Frannie, Gordon tries to pull her away causing a struggle, then Renee accidentally shoots her gun, then she and her helper run away, leaving Gordon critically wounded, he dies when he gets to the hospital



Gordon and Hanna already knew each other through school, they start a small relationship after Gordon found Hanna passed out and he let her stay at his house. They call things off when it is discovered that Hanna is married to another Mennonite, John.